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Time is a subjective multifaceted loss and it can never be recovered. That is serious !


Opportunity loss is as serious and occurs when a revenue producing event does not occur because of conflicting time demands.


Solution: Outsourcing Aviation Compliance

Outsourcing compliance obligations contributes to reduction in costs, allows managers more time to focus on product quality, service quality, and sustainable growth.

Regardless, if you are new to aviation, an established operator, or an individual who needs on-going or short term help, your search for outsourcing solutions to save time, produce new opportunities, manage compliance and administrative tasks has led you to us. Thank you for finding us! When you are ready, let’s talk.

Bill Gardner Consultant

Private Aviation Doesn’t Come With Instructions…

Air carriers and aircraft operators are faced with an array of compliance challenges. The pressure to increase productivity with fewer people and resources while simultaneously reducing non-revenue producing costs is prevalent.

A critically important operating option that improves productivity and cost reduction is outsourcing. It allows managers to leverage resources and capabilities, while concentrating on core competencies. Customer value is enhanced when non-value adding activity factors are eliminated. Outsourcing allows managers more time to focus on product and service quality.

To respond to these challenges, owners and operators must innovate and adapt. They must be willing to change the business model to respond to a changing business environment. In an industry with highly fluid dynamics, failure to do so can be mortally expensive.

Services Summary


Compliance Manuals

Manuals when you need them. Some as quick As 24 to 48 hours. Whether you need to develop initial manuals, update existing manuals to meet new requirements (DTCs), or convert your paper manuals, we can help!

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Aviation Research


Coaching and Mentoring employees empowers them with skills to deal with changing realities. Agile, engaged employees stay where they have opportunities to grow and will drive your company toward its goals. Building the culture of success is an investment in the future.

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Department Review/Audit Prep Compliance and Safety

We’re required to have an audit, and we’re a little nervous… Help!! Relax – this is exactly what we do, and why we are sought after. Objective and fact based department review, compliance and safety audit preparation.

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We concentrate on two main areas of private aviation: Compliance and Safety, and Business Growth. Sound, reasonable assessment, and assistance in running your business aircraft. Analyzing, mitigating risk, forecasting and strategic planning.

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135/145 Certification

Certificating a new part 135 air carrier, part 145 repair station can be overwhelming. Comprehensive 135/145 certification service. We are with you, from you first step, until you achieve your certification. We simplify the process.

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