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FAA and Regulatory Compliance Management

Blow out your Compliance hassles 

Today, you face increasing compliance requirements coming from all directions, from many sources, and seem never ending. Managing your compliance can be very complex, as it calls for application of industry knowledge, regulations, and experience. Compliance failures have potentially devastating consequences to your company and financial stability.

This complexity is aided by a new wave of outsourcing known as the co-sourcing. This allows you to continue utilizing their proven platforms while leveraging a mix of resources based on and off site.

“Outsourcing allows you to delegate all those pesky but essential daily tasks and concentrate on core processes that would help your business grow.” A strategy of selective outsourcing—choosing which compliance processes to conduct in-house and which to outsource—enables you to improve allocation of resources. The overall goal of outsourcing—to place operational processes with a third party who can execute them at high levels of quality with responsive and cost-effective delivery models, while freeing up internal resources for revenue-generating activities.

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What Is Compliance Management ?

Compliance management (CMS) is a company's plan to identify and avoid violations of laws, regulations, standards, and other mandates that can result in costly fines, legal consequences, and risks beyond just fines. 


Why Is It Important To Manage FAA and Regulatory Compliance?

To proactively anticipate compliance issues before they arise and map an effective pathway to resolution.

A CMS helps manage risks associated with: 

  • Changing laws, regulations, and standards

Noncompliance with ​regulations and mandates may result in: 

  • Litigation, monetary penalties, and other formal enforcement action 

An effective CMS is comprised of three independent elements:

  1. Management and Oversight

  2. Compliance Program

  3. Compliance Audit or Review

A compliance program includes the following components:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Training Program

  • Method of Monitoring

  • Responding Proactively: To identify procedural or training weakness in an effort to preclude regulatory violations

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Compliance Management Services

  • Compliance Review

  • Safety Management

  • Organization and Management Systems

  • Controls and Procedures 

  • Flight and Ground Operations

  • Aviation Maintenance

  • Facilities 

  • Confidential Internal Audits

  • Aviation Compliance Manuals

  • Digital Manual Management

  • Manual Distribution

  • Manual Revision Service

  • Convert Paper Manuals to Digital

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