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Repair Station Certification - Med Ops Package

Repair Station Certification - Med Ops Package


Call us, to develop a manual, built on your requirements, operation, and aircraft. Select small, medium, or large for the type of operation you are planning.

Your custom crafted manual consists of:

  • Letter of Request to the FSDO

  • Company Organization

  • General Policy

  • Maintenance Procedures

  • Servicing

  • Weight & Balance

  • Minimum Equipment

  • Training

If revisions are required by the FAA, we will make those changes at no extra cost, usually within the same business day received.

After placing your order, we start on your first draft. When draft is ready, we send login information to our system, allowing access to your manual for review, comments, and approval. Once we receive your final approval, we prepare your documents for FAA submission.


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