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Minimum Equipment List- LG Jet

Minimum Equipment List- LG Jet


Call us, to develop your piston, turboprop, Light/Medium/Large MEL manual, built on your requirements, operation, and aircraft.

Your custom crafted manual consists of:

  • Maintenance Procedures Document that Includes Maintenance, Operating, & Placarding Procedures* Custom Management Program

  • Custom Training Program for Crew and Maintenance Standardization

  • legal Size Placards

  • Maintenance Discrepancy Form

  • Non Essential Furnishings (NEFJ Program

  • Digital PDF Copy

Our on staff aviation maintenance technical Writer does all our MELS. Note: The client must provide a copy of the Maintenance Procedures Document.

After placing your order, we start on your first draft. When draft is ready, we send login information to our system, allowing access to your manual for review, comments, and approval. Once we receive your final approval, we prepare your documents for FAA submission.


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