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You Can't Make Time

Waste The Least

Achieve The Most

 Time is flying never to return            Achieve more           Do what you do best                 Outsource your FAA Compliance

  • Eliminate Time Devouring FAA Compliance Tasks
  • Leverage Existing Capabilities
  • Optimize Resource Utilization 
Now More Than Ever An Aviation Company's 
Success or Failure Depends On.......

It's ability to adhere to FAA regulatory compliance  in an ever changing business environment. In an industry with highly fluid dynamics, as has aviation, failure to do so can mortally expensive.

Finding a solution or, at minimum an option between the extremes, is critically important. 

Why you should consider outsourcing your FAA regulatory compliance.

Time loss can never be recovered. . . 

That is serious!

What is your plan to manage it?

Air carriers and aircraft operators are faced with an ever-increasing array of compliance challenges. Finding a solution is critically important. Outsourcing aviation compliance management and manuals may be a viable option for you. Outsourcing FAA compliance contributes to cost reductions, better service, and growth.

You can cut waste, achieve more, and  focus on the important stuff like product quality, service, and new opportunities. Regardless, if you are new to aviation, an established operator, or individual exploring solutions that reduce or eliminate time devouring compliance tasks.


Let’s Talk, when you are ready.


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What you don’t control can hurt you !

Services Summary 
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Compliance Management

  • Manual Management 

  • Safety Management

  • Compliance Review

  • Controls and Procedures

  • Confidential Internal Audits

  • Emergency Response Review

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Compliance Planning

  • Forecasting/Budgeting

  • Risk Management 

  • Emerging Technologies/Trends

  • Future Capital Acquisitions

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Consulting, Safety, and More

  • 135 Air Carrier Certification

  • 145 Repair Station

  • Safety Audit Preparation 

  • Compliance Audit 

  • Broker Safety Management 

  • General Business Programs

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PDM Consulting Inc Aviation Research

Aviation Research 

  • Subscription Service-

    • Regulatory Research

  • Aircraft Log Research

  • Businesses Exploring Aviation

  • Resource For Writers

  •  ​Aviation Business 

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Solutions, Not Surprises 
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