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Charter Broker Safety Management

Fly Safe

Every Company, Broker, or Agents accepts a serious contingent liability providing charter services to the public. Does your company have policies and procedures to mitigate risk in the event reasonable care was not taken to eliminate unqualified carriers, or pseudo-carriers, into the service chain? A safety management system may be the best protection against accident occurrence and resultant liability.

When accidents occur, everyone in the service chain, stakeholders included, could be financially responsible and potentially liable. Not only can accidents injure people and destroy lives; they can hurt or destroy businesses.


An accident’s root cause can be attributed to, the failure to recognize safety management importance and inadequate risk of controls. It is therefore crucial to understand the dynamic relationship of accidents, safety, and risk management.

It is conceded; the activity of a Broker/Agent is not likely to be a direct cause of an aircraft accident, as defined in USCFR Title 14 Part 5. It is acknowledged; the care and caution a Broker/Agent uses selecting a service provider is the first line of defense in accident prevention. To be less than diligent in the carrier selection process would be at least irresponsible. 

Protect your clients and your business by investing in turn-key safety management solution.  Program includes: Safety plan, policies, risk management procedures, safety training for personnel, and an organized method to identify-document-track hazards.

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