Sound, reasonable approach for your business

Provided by the job or hourly. 



Manual Creation and Management

  • General Operations Manual (GOM)

  • Hazmat Manuals (HM)

  • International Procedures Manual (IPM)

  • Flight Operations Manuals (FOM)

  • Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

  • RVSM Manuals (RVSM)

  • EFB Manuals (EFB)

  • Minimum Equipment List l(MEL)

  • General Maintenance Manuals (GMM)

  • Training Programs and Curriculums (TPC)

  • SMS Manuals (SM)

Digital-manual Management 

  • Manual Revision Service

  • Manual Read Receipt

  • Manuals Hosting

  • Employees login.

Air Carrier and Repair Station Certification

Certificating a new part 135  air carrier or part 145 repair station, can be overwhelming . We simplify the process. Complete FAA  certification service, from you first step until you achieve your certification.  Includes : applications, required manuals, consulting, and training assistance.

Ground Training 

  • 135 Ground Training

  • SMS Training

  • Maintenance Program Training

We can help with all your ground training regiments. 

Aviation business Consulting/Planning

  • Aviation Business Management Consulting

  • Risk Management

  • Capital Acquisitions

  • Forecasting / Growth Planning

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Sales

  • Flight Dispatching and Scheduling

  • Training

When you hire us to help you, we actually help you, whether it’s analyzing and mitigating business risk, strategic planning, advertising and marketing assistance, developing new streams of revenue, logistics, scheduling, and just about any other activity you can think of.


Audits,SAfety and risk management

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

    • Federal Regulations

    • ICAO and Foreign Sovereignty

  • IS-BAO Audits

    • Stage I, II, & III

    • Flight, Ops, & Manintance

    • Internal Audits

    • Gap Analysis

  • Aviation Management Audits

    • Systems and Process

    • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

    • Due Diligence Investigations

    • Controls Procedures

  • Confidential Internal Audits

Our auditing services are designed to ensure you comply /meet federal regulations (where needed), and also offer you a clear picture of your operation. We’re IS-BAO accredited, and indeed, many companies rely on us for this important (and necessary) distinction. We’re also a friendly face, because we understand your business, and the challenges you face. Having been on both sides of the desk, we know what needs to be done to comply, but we also know how to get you there.

In addition, when we conduct an audit, we can’t help but wear a business consultant’s hat, not operations, as well. Thus, if we see something that we feel will help your bottom line, we’ll mention it. This value-added service brings a nice ROI benefit to your audit, and comes at no extra charge.

Aircraft management

Our  comprehensive aircraft Management program offers an unbiased, skilled, and reasonable assistance in running your aircraft. The key word is “reasonable”. Again, we come in with an approach that understands the very real issues  you face daily.

Fractional/Jet Card/fully managed aircraft 

Flight operations simplified, one point of contact, for your aviation suppliers. We analyze your options and present the best  value, using your  jet card, fractional, managed , owned aircraft, or ad hoc charter. Clients are delighted by our customized solutions that maximizes their programs value.  Our program manages every flight for an annual fee.