Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions 

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Do you write manuals?

Yes we do. Whether  you need to develop initial manual  or update existing manuals to meet new requirements, we can help.

  • General Operations Manual (GOM)

  • Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

  • RVSM Manuals (RVSM)

  • EFB Manuals (EFB)

  • Minimum Equipment Manual (MEL)

  • General Maintenance Manuals (GMM)

  • Hazmat Manuals (HM)

  • International Procedures Manual (IPM)

  • Training Manuals (TM)

  • SMS Manuals (SM)

Do you have SUBSCRIPTION fees or recurring costs?  

Our manual services  do not have subscription fees or recurring costs, unless you require revisions. Our Digital Manual Management does have an annual subscription fee for hosting. 

What Is Digital Manual Management?

We host and distribute manuals for your company and employees. We provide digital confirmation, when your staff is assigned a manual, or read receipts when revisions are issued.


Yes we are. We are certified for flight, operations, and maintenance.

  • IS-BAO Registration Audits Stages 1, 2 & 3


Relax – this is exactly what we do, and why we are sought after. We conduct IS-BAO Audits, or we’ll help prep you for an audit by another auditor as well. We have the experience – and the demeanor - you are looking for (we have owned and operated aviation companies, so we know what you go through.


Consulting Services  

At PDM Consulting,  our only service is business aviation consulting. We concentrate on two main areas of private aviation: Compliance and Safety, and Business Growth. We speak from the experience of having faced many of the same challenges you now face.

Aircraft management

Our Aviation Management Consulting services offer you an unbiased, reasonable assessment, and assistance in running your business aircraft. The key word here is “reasonable. Again, we come to you with an approach based on experience and an full understanding of the very real issues that you face daily.

Air Carrier CerTification

Certificating a new part 135  air carrier, can be overwhelming. We simplify the process. Comprehensive 135 certification service. We are with you, from you first step, until you achieve your certification.  A short list of service included: manual and document creation, preparing the application, application meetings,  consulting during the process, requisite training for management personnel and training assistance. 

Can you help with Repair station certification

Yes, we can.  We can advise you or do it for you. Our service can complete Part 145 Repair Station application, meet with the FAA during the certification, produce required manuals, and Initial Repair Station Training 

Required training?

  • 135 Ground Training

  • SMS Training

  • Maintenance training

We can help with all your ground training regiments.